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Clear explanations of the best Volkswagen driver assistance systems. Part 1: Trailer Assist. The driver’s assistant for backing up trailers – it is unique worldwide.


What is it? An ideal aid for drivers with trailers or caravans. Trailer Assist is the result of an existing assistance system that was shrewdly combined with intelligent technology. Integrated with Park Assist, which has been making parking easier for drivers since 2007. Trailer Assist is also equipped with the reversing camera that provides views toward the back of the vehicle when  reversing.


How does it help the driver? Anyone who has ever had to drive a trailer into a narrow driveway or manoeuvre into a tight parking spot knows how tricky the situation can be: when it gets down to accurately assessing angle and space, even the most experienced drivers can get on edge. The Trailer Assist removes the driver’s stress while manoeuvring – suddenly it’s child’s play. The driver uses the mirror adjustment switch to set the direction. The vehicle knows where it is positioned in relation to the trailer by means of the reversing camera. The rest is mathematics. Trailer Assist does the calculating – and within fractions of a second, your Volkswagen receives the commands and steers on its own.


What do I have to do? Even if it is hard: let go of the steering wheel! The assistance system is able to steer itself by means of electromechanical power steering. In return, the driver determines the direction and can make course corrections if necessary by operating the mirror adjuster switch. He remains in control by braking and accelerating as required.


Where is it available? Trailer Assist is an optional feature available in the new Passat (on SE models and above).

Backing up safely.

Trailer Assist aids you in backing up with trailers or caravans. The following steps are important when operating it.

To start: First, shift into reverse, then push the park button.

To navigate: Use the mirror adjustment switch to define the manoeuvring direction of the attached trailer.

To steer: Let go of the steering wheel, speed up and brake using the respective pedals.