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Knowing more Record investments in advanced, forward-looking technologies – Volkswagen is on the path to becoming the No.1 ecological car manufacturer.

new record for the environment.

Volkswagen is investing more in environmentally friendly vehicles and factories. Expenditure on research and development has increased by 15 percent to a record-breaking €10.2 billion. This is making an impact. Implementation of the plan to use 25 percent less energy and water in the factories by 2018 has already reached the halfway stage. In addition, customers can already choose from 4 models that have CO2/km emissions of less than 100 grams, and 10 models below 120 grams – making it the largest fleet of CO2 savers in the world*.
*Figures are for passenger cars only

exemplary energy record.

Wolfsburg’s new plastic parts paint shop is meeting all expectations only six months after launch. Energy consumption fell by 50 percent, emissions from the painting process by 90 percent. They no longer need water for cleaning procedures, as paint particles are bound with rock dust. All of which is earning the facility a reputation as the most modern of its kind in the industry.

investing big in china.

In the future, Volkswagen will be working even more closely together with its Chinese joint venture partners SAIC Motor and First Automotive Works Group in the area of innovative technologies. The three companies intend to invest a total of €18.2 billion in new plants and products between 2014 and 2018. Volkswagen has set its sights on installing technical production capacity for more than 4 million vehicles annually in China by 2018. In 2013 the group produced and sold more than 3 million vehicles in the country.

eco-sensitive sea logistics.

The Volkswagen Group has become the first German car manufacturer to join the Clean Shipping Network, an association of cargo owners. The Clean Shipping Index (CSI) analyses the environmental impact of marine shipment in detail, thereby seeking to reduce it. In addition, Volkswagen intends to advocate the future inclusion of soot emission reductions in the CSI.