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cleverly connected.

Whether Car-Net Guide & Inform or MirrorLink: the new Passat not only features new standards in driver assistance systems, design and comfort. It is also the first Volkswagen to offer all the advantages of state-of-the-art online networking. We asked two tape artists from Berlin to illustrate the digital revolution in the new Passat.

Text Sven Schulte-Rummel
 Photos Cem Guenes

To truly understand what Stephan Meissner and Stefan Busch have created within the concrete walls of the Science Centre in Wolfsburg, you have to take a few steps back and look at everything. With numerous rolls of neon green tape that they are intricately attaching to the façade and floor, the Berlin tape artists are giving the huge building new structures and contours. Tapes have always been used in design to provide shape, not least in car design.


In the centre of this network decorated with several miles of tape stands the new Passat. Here we are also entering a new dimension of driving. On board the eighth-generation Passat there are state-of-the-art infotainment systems. These are symbols of a new automobile age – with a high level of connectivity, perfect hardware and mobile online services that are revolutionising car driving.
Of course, the Passat is setting industry-wide benchmarks not only in the networking of car and Internet – the innovative driver assistance, comfort and drive systems are ushering in a new age where car driving is becoming more sustainable, more connected, more versatile. And, above all, even safer.

The tape artists

From afar, their pictures resemble graffiti, but close up you can recognise the tape. Stephan Meissner (left) and Stefan Busch are two members of the Berlin artists’ collective TapeThat. Their works – from colourful tape installations to minimalist black-and-white paintings – adorn buildings, galleries and clubs.

well connected.

Android smartphones and the new Passat? A perfect team!

For the first time ever, MirrorLink will be available in the new Passat. MirrorLink enables the integration of numerous apps from compatible smartphones in the infotainment system thanks to a direct connection between the appliances. The system has direct access to the vehicle data.
Infotainment system and smartphone can be connected in the new Passat. Smartphone apps can be mirrored on the infotainment screen, opening up new possibilities.

For example, Volkswagen’s Drive&Track, which records trips like a rally sport passenger and provides a detailed view of the route.
Or My Guide, an app that can turn every day into something special. Using MirrorLink, the app takes environment information, time and vehicle data and suggests attractive destinations in your area.

well directed.

Thanks to the new navigation system, Passat drivers reach their destination more reliably than ever.

Where are we going? The new Passat’s navigation is faster, more logical and more intuitive. This is partly due to the hardware of the infotainment system with its much faster processors and partly due to its connectivity.

An example? The optional radio navigation systems Discover Navigation and Discover Pro feature the impressive Car-Net Guide & Inform function. This enables the integration of online traffic information in the dynamic route guidance and online personalised Points of Interest (POI) in the Navigation. The latter and the navigation destinations do not have to be entered into the system of the new Passat by the driver. Destinations and POI can be selected remotely by logging on to the online Car-Net Portal account where they’re then transmitted to the navigation system. 
The Discover Pro infotainment system provides an even simpler answer to the simple question “Am I on the right route?” For visual guidance, Google Street View panoramic images can be displayed from the street perspective in the infotainment screen.

perfectly formed.

How do you keep an eye on what’s important? The Active Info Display – available in summer 2015 – with its interactive instrument display is the answer.

The new Passat is the first Volkswagen to offer an Active Info Display on request. This enables the parallel digital display of a variety of vehicle information on a 31.2-cm (12.3-inch) TFT display. As a result, the driver can switch between the available info profiles as needed, and is given additional information in the centre of the speedometer and tachometer.

The info profile navigation enables the central positioning of the navigation map in the combined instrument. For this purpose the size of the speedometer and tachometer are minimised to optimise the size of the navigation map.

fully equipped.

Do you like performance? The new Passat’s infotainment systems are incredibly fast.

Just as individual strips of tape are turned into metres of intricate artwork, the original car radio has become a complex infotainment system. The second generation of this modular infotainment system is installed in the new Volkswagen Passat. 

Compared to the performance of the first generation of 950 MIPS (million instructions per second), the performance of the main processor has more than doubled to 2,500 MIPS. What does this mean for the Passat driver?

The system is practically turn-key, route calculation is even faster, the touchscreen performance is more fluid and the voice entry and output on the Discover Pro infotainment system even more closely resembles the human voice.
This new Passat has three systems you can choose from with different sizes and functions: Composition Media and Discover Media feature a 16.5-cm (6.5-inch) display, and the Discover Pro radio navigation system display measures a full 20.3 cm (8 inches).

well informed.

How about a little trip? The new Passat can suggest destinations.

Thanks to Car-Net Guide & Inform, drivers of the new Passat will be better informed than ever when they opt for one of the Discover Navigation or “Discover Pro infotainment systems”.

Volkswagen’s mobile online services – available from May 2015 – not only provide answers to automobile questions such as “Where is the next available parking space in the multi-storey car park?” and “Where can I find a cheap petrol station?” Even current weather data and forecasts for locations and destinations are displayed in the navigation system. 

You can even keep an eye on the current world news in the new Passat thanks to Car-Net. News feeds that you can subscribe to for free in the customer portal are arranged on the display in a user-friendly list. You can also use RSS feed to read news and new articles from Das Auto. Magazine in your new Passat.

The Passat in numbers.

176 kW (240 hp) TDI SCR4 4MOTION BlueMotion
7-gear DSG dual-clutch transmission
Fuel consumption (combined):

52.3 (5.4) (Estate)
53.3 (5.3) (saloon)

CO₂-Emission in g/km:

140 (Estate)

139 (saloon)
Acceleration (0 to 100):

6.3 seconds (Estate)

6.1 seconds (saloon)

Peak speed:

238 km/h (Estate)

240 km/h (saloon)
Kerb weight:
1,735 kg (Estate), 1,721 kg (saloon)

Length: 4,767 mm
Width: 2,083 mm
Height: 1,477 mm (Estate), 1,456 mm (saloon)

Luggage compartment:
650–1,780 l (Estate)

586–1,152 l (saloon)
Standard selection highlights:
3-zone Climatronic air conditioning (GT Trim), ergoComfort seat (SE Trim and above)
Additional engine variants:
1.6 120 PS TDI, 2.0 150PS TDI and 2.0 190PS TDI

a real bestseller.

More than 22 million Passats sold in 41 years – there are many reasons for this. The eighth-generation Passat is even more impressive.


Longer, more elegant and more dynamic: the eighth-generation Passat goes further than a facelift. It’s a brand-new car, something you’ll see at first glance. The new Passat is lower and wider than its predecessor, giving it an imposing stance. Although its total length is actually two millimetres shorter, the wheelbase has increased by an impressive 79 millimetres. The front and back wheels are now larger and placed further outwards and, compared to the previous model, the bodywork overhangs are significantly shorter. The foundation of theelegant and sporty proportions is the new design platform – the Modular Transverse Matrix (MTM) – which sits under the chic metal exterior. 

Its special dynamics are particularly clear when you look at the car from the side: it always looks poised and ready to go. The front and rear are also eye-catching. At the front the attractive grille with chrome surround draws your attention. While at the rear you’ll spot elements of the Phaeton’s sophisticated styling.
Volkswagen has also developed a brand-new light design for the Passat. The striking shape of the LED headlights and LED rear lights is one of the most interesting features – day and night. 

The interior of the new Passat is as comfortable as its exterior is dynamic. One example is the optional ergoComfort seat, available with the SE trim and above. Thanks to the many setting options, the driver can quickly find a comfortable and back-friendly seat position.

» Sleek and attractive. Of course, I can still recognise the Passat, but we really did reinvent the car «

Klaus Bischoff, 52, Volkswagen Head of Brand Design


Passat drivers really do lead the way. The many new assistance and safety features available with the new Passat are not only a first for the model, but a first for Volkswagen.
From the SE Comfortline trim and above, the Front Assist System comes as standard. Given the threat of a collision, certain circumstances cause it to automatically warn the driver and brake the vehicle. Up to now, the emergency brake assistant only recognised vehicles. The optional city emergency brake function with pedestrian detection now reacts to pedestrians too, albeit within its system limitations.
Driving is now safer thanks to the new generation of Side Assist, which now includes Rear Traffic Alert for manoeuvring your way out of bay parking spaces. In addition, the problem of the blind spot is now a thing of the past for Passat owners. For example, the assistance system warns of rapidly overtaking or slow moving vehicles in this blind spot, as well as of vehicles approaching from the side when reversing out of a parking space.

On a different tack, the traffic jam assistant helps to avoid typical collisions in stop-and-go traffic. In such situations, the new Passat and Passat Estate partly automatically follow the vehicles ahead. This prevents constant braking and accelerating in slow-moving traffic.

Area View also provides more safety. For the first time ever, the camera-based 360-degree view is available in the Passat family and stands out due to its higher camera resolution, obstacle detection and 3D bird’s-eye view.

Last, but not least: the Trailer Assist. The world’s only assistance system to make manoeuvring a trailer easier than ever. Using the mirror adjustment knob, the driver can continuously adjust the desired driving direction of their trailer. While the driver operates the accelerator pedal and brakes, the new Passat steers the trailer in the desired direction.



A glance inside the Passat and you’ll realise why it was designed this way: although it has practically identical exterior dimensions to the previous model, the new Passat provides more space for passengers and luggage. Although you can’t tell from outside, the Passat Estate Variant has 47 litres more luggage space. The total boot volume is now 650 litres.
Driving in the new Passat is a comfortable and relaxing experience, not just due to the high-quality materials, the ambient lighting and the 3-zone Climatronic

making of.