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a sporting size.

A compact car for all purposes: comfortable and versatile for everyday use, sporty in design and performance. All you need to know about the new Golf SV.

Text Max Berger
Photos Volkswagen AG

Humans are known among other things for their upright gait, in contrast to most other living beings. So we should welcome developments that promote and support this upright posture. For instance, with automobiles that you can get into without having to bend over too much. That is in most of all a matter of height.
The comparative extra height offered by the new Golf SV is therefore something that we humans can truly appreciate. You can get in and out more easily, you sit higher and have better visibility, and the interior is more versatile and variable. It’s the ideal use of space, in other words, to which the Volkswagen designers have now added the corresponding visuals – more sporty, athletic and dynamic than ever before seen in this class of cars.

The new Golf SV doesn’t just offer more space and comfort. It also looks extremely good, with its elongated proportions, razor-sharp edges, precision graphics, muscular shoulders and broad stance on the road. It’s a superb design from any and every angle, and also features a variety of impressive details, such as specially conceived door handles that fit seamlessly into the design. Or side mirrors set onto the shoulders enabling an additional side window in front of the A-column.
And the new Golf SV is another fine example of what is rendered possible by Volkswagen’s Modular Transverse Matrix: the greatest conceivable diversification of the world’s most successful car model – the Golf. And all in order to meet the wishes and expectations of individual customers in an ever-improving and more targeted way.

Extra height: something to appreciate.

the new standard.

To put it in perspective: the Golf SV is longer than a Golf, but shorter than a Golf Estate. It’s taller than both, by around 12 centimetres, and features a somewhat larger wheelbase. Even more interesting than these external values are those in the interior.For one thing, all the seats have plenty of space thanks to the extended wheelbase. In addition, this space can be used in more versatile and intelligent ways than ever before. Take the rear bench seat, for example. It can be adjusted 18 centimetres in the fore-aft direction, either as a whole or separately in a 40:20:40split. The three rear back rests can be folded down individually, and their angles are adjustable. After all, second-row passengers should be able to sit and travel in maximum comfort too. Behind the rear seats the luggage compartment has a capacity of 500-590 litres, depending on the positioning of the rear seats, and the car’s full cargo capacity is 1,520 litres. The height of the luggage compartment’s floor can of course be adjusted as well.

So much for the practical side of the Golf SV. The car’s character is once again marked by elegant interior architecture, high-grade craftsmanship and comprehensive standard features. In other words, it’s a true Golf. The entry S trim of the Golf SV already has an air-conditioning system and seven airbags. There’s also the XDS Electronic Differential Lock, thanks to which you can take every bend more cleanly, safely and – if need be – more swiftly.

As for the optional features, these can easily make the Golf SV into a top-end, high-tech car. The Side Scan with Blind Spot Monitor with an assistant for exiting parking spaces, for example, is celebrating its premiere in this class. It’s like an ever-alert passenger that can prevent unpleasant surprises; it warns you of cars in your blind spot and also of approaching vehicles at the rear when you pull out of parking places. The City Emergency Braking function is activated if there’s a risk of collision. And of course, if you’d like it, there’s also Dynamic Chassis Control DCC, Automatic Distance Control ACC and Front Assist with city emergency braking function as well as Light Assist and Dynamic Light Assist main beam control.
True, these features were previously the prerogative of luxury-class cars. But this too is a typical attribute of the new Golf family, and all the more so of the new Golf SV: there’s no limit to how high you can go.

High-tech for everyone: there’s no limit to how high you can go.

the new power.

This of course also applies to the technology under the bonnet. And if you assume that what makes humans unique is not only their upright gait but also a certain degree of intelligence, you’ll have a tough time overlooking Volkswagen’s drive technology. The Golf Sportsvan comes with six new engines right from the start – two turbo diesels with 110 PS or 150 PS and four turbo petrol variants with 85, 110, 125 or 150 PS. All the engines have start-stop systems. And except for the 85PS TSI, all of them can be combined with DSG dual-clutch gearboxes.

As for the fuel efficiency of these new engines, let’s take the 1.6 TDI BlueMotion with 110 PS as an example. It attains 78.5 mpg (roughly 95 g/km CO2) – the best figure in the compact van sector. But the standard for new Golfs, regardless of their dimensional configuration, has always been just that: being the best of their type.

The SV in numbers*

1.4L150 hp TSI

6-speed manual gearbox

Fuel consumption:
50.4 mpg (combined)

CO2 emissions in g/km:
130g (combined)

Peak speed:
132 mph

Acceleration (0 to 100):
8.8 seconds

Kerb weight:
1,391 kg

4,338 x 2,050 x 1,578 mm

Cargo capacity:
500 l / 1,520 l with rear seats folded down

Additional engine variants**:
85 hp TSI; 110 hp TSI; 125 hp TSI; 110 hp TDI; 150 hp TDI

* for the model pictured
** all SV engines have BlueMotion technology