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People buying a car in Germany are increasingly choosing a second- or third-hand vehicle. Experts recommend carefully examining the vehicle in question. It’s much easier if you simply pay a visit to your WeltAuto dealer.

Text Ina Brzoska
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This business is becoming more and more lucrative for dealers. Around 7.7 million used cars were sold last year, which is more than double the number of new cars. Furthermore, customers are now willing to spend much more money on a second-hand model.

Due to the fact that ever more suppliers are competing in the market, it is becoming progressively opaque and full of pitfalls for buyers. A healthy distrust is therefore advisable. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should make sure that the used vehicle has been thoroughly tested. Experts from the TÜV and DEKRA vehicle inspection organisations offer the following eight tips.

Das WeltAuto – how a meticulous check is performed.

Here we show you some of the most important tests that the mechanics perform during the Das WeltAuto inspection – if necessary, any defects are immediately repaired.

1 How does the engine sound?

Mechanics inspect engine parts and oil sump, and check the coolant and oil levels as well as the engine fan. If needed, the oil is changed immediately.

2 Tyre check

Tyre types and size are checked during the WeltAuto inspection. Whereas a 2-mm tread is standard for many used cars, a WeltAuto needs to have a 4-mm tread.

3 All lights on?

Mechanics use calibrated light measurement instruments to test the dipped, full beam, cornering, and reversing lights. Indicators, brake lights and tail lights are also subjected to a precise examination. In addition to this, headlights are scrutinised for moisture or cracks. Yellowed acrylic glass is replaced.

4 The paint test

This really detailed work is performed by daylight: every single square centimetre is checked for any paint and accident damage. Wings, trim, and panelling, thresholds and sill plates are inspected. Door handles and mounting bolts are also examined very closely during the WeltAuto inspection.

5 Best brakes

Mechanics use a variety of lighting to check whether the brake discs and pads are in good condition or if they are too rusty. The performance of each WeltAuto car is then analysed on the brake tester. This enables an accurate analysis of the braking at any speed, and enables braking optimization where necessary.

6 Window controls & winders

Some of these are used a lot and others are not used at all, so the panes often stick to the rubber. Inspectors from WeltAuto repair minor damage. Customers can conduct the test themselves by raising and lowering each pane once.

7 Beautiful inside?

Mechanics check whether the condition of the seats, pedal rubbers, gear levers or knobs correspond with the specified mileage. If the wear and tear is significantly greater than suggested by the mileage, there is reason to fear the mileage has been “corrected”.

8 Accessories

If there is a spare tyre, a car jack, is the third row of seats in the van complete? Such questions are not irrelevant. A seat in the Sharan, for example, is worth £450. In any event, this is all painstakingly checked during the WeltAuto inspection.

Das WeltAuto

Das WeltAuto: a quality label that customers trust.

If a second-hand car bears the Das WeltAuto label, customers can be assured that it has been thoroughly tested. It has meanwhile become such a worldwide success that it is being sold in 36 countries. In principle, any brand can be awarded this label – provided it meets the high standards set by Volkswagen.


A WeltAuto inspection is an extensive vehicle check, during which necessary maintenance work is performed and faulty parts are replaced. Subsequently, only an authorised service advisor may issue this quality label.

Das WeltAuto customers always receive a one-year minimum warranty,
which can be optionally extended. Generally, an exchange is also possible, provided it takes place within ten working days after the purchase of the used car.

Flexible financing and insurance models also come as standard and are devised in conjunction with the customer.

Anyone who buys a car with the Das WeltAuto label
can trade in their old car at the dealer. Even taking back the WeltAuto vehicle at a later date will guarantee favourable terms.